Andor Credits Scene Explains: The biggest mystery of the Star Wars series isn't solved until the post-credits scene

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Andor Season 1 culminates in the streets of Ferrix. This is where the most important figures of the new Star Wars series meet, before they flow off in different directions in the heat of battle. But how does the story continue? the Post Credit Scene gives us a little taste of Season 2.

With a few exceptions, Andor has so far refrained from making big cameos. The scene after the credits still wants to unite us last goosebumps enable and alludes to a special event in Star Wars history that plays a deeply harrowing role, especially in terms of Cassian’s fate.

The End of Andor Season 1: The post-credits scene reveals the Death Star

Andor’s post-credits scene takes us into the darkness of space. First we see a very close-up shot of what appears to be a spider-like droid star shaped part combined with a larger surface. It is one of the parts assembled by the prisoners on Narkina 5.

You can watch the trailer for Andor here:

Andor – S01 Trailer (English) HD


The camera slowly recedes, gradually revealing the full picture: more droids, more parts, right in front of our eyes the Death Star is assembled, used by the Empire to destroy the planet Alderaan in Star Wars. The familiar spherical body is already floating menacingly in space.

Further interviews about Andor:

The droids work on the device that will later shoot out the destructive superlaser. In a way, while in captivity, Cassian built the very machine who will kill himas he faces the fully functional weapon of destruction on Scarif Beach at the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Andor: The post-credits scene underscores the tragedy of Cassian’s story

Series creator and showrunner Tony Gilroy rounds off the devastating story he tells as part of his Star Wars series. Cassian’s life in the shadow of the Death Star: With each episode we have seen the Empire expand its power arm and resort to ever more drastic methods.


The end point of this development is a weapon system that destroy entire planets can. The revelation of the Death Star in Andor’s post-credits scene is only partially surprising. After all, we’ve already seen the scaffolding in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Instead, the moment emphasizes the bitter tragedy of the story.

It also becomes clear: We are approaching the events of Rogue One. The second season of Andor consists of four blocks, each consisting of three episodes and telling a year in Cassian’s life. Along with this, it would be possible that in the new episodes more known characters from Rogue One to return.

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