When will the sequel to Disney+’s Star Wars series be released? And what will she say?

It took a while to start, but the series Star Wars: Andor ended very nicely in recent weeks on Disney +. What already make you want to see season 2, ordered from the start by the streaming platform, which had signed for a two-part series, taking us to the events of Rogue One. So what do we know about this season 2 ofAndor ? Spoiler alert!

What happened to Kino Loy in Star Wars: Andor?

What date for season 2?

Chance or coincidence, it was this week that filming for season 2 began, Collider announcement. Filming will continue until August 2023. Post-production will then have to be carried out, which means that the new episodes ofAndor won’t be released until 2024 on Disney+. “The only way to speed up the process would be to put more resources into post-production. For that you would have to put more money, and money is scarce“, explains the creator Tony Gilroy. “So, there would have to be a huge motivation (from Disney) in May or June 2023… Someone who would suddenly say: we need season 2 and we are ready to pay...”


When will season 2 take place in the timeline Star Wars ?

The events of season 1 ofAndor were set over an entire year, in the year 5 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin, which is when Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star). The next chapter will tell of the next four years, those leading us to RogueOne. It should therefore include a lot of time jumps. Tony Gilroy has already revealed that season 2 will begin one year after the events of the season 1 finale, in year 3 BBY.

Which actors in the cast?

Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgård will be back. But Tony Gilroy told Rolling Stone last november “I’ve ported like 30 characters. So what’s going to get interesting is that we’re going to be able to play with time ellipses. We’re going to skip a year at the start of season 2. What happened? What happened during that time? We’re going to introduce new characters, obviously, over the next 700 pages of the script.”


What will season 2 be about?

“Fight the Empire!” shouted Maarva Andor during his funeral, in the last episode, setting fire to the powders of Ferrix. Cassian will respect the wishes of his late mother. He rallied the rebellion in the final moments of the finale. He is now the partner of Luther Rael. He will be at war. Tony Gilroy just say the story will be”very different“. He details in Rolling Stone: “The first year is really about Cassian’s evolution. The final episode takes us to where we want to be. And we’ll pick up a year later. It’s going to be very different. The next four years [de l’histoire] do not consist, for Cassian, in becoming a revolutionary. It’s about learning how to be a leader and how hard it is to build the alliance and what happens to people who are seen as gangsters compared to the establishment…”

Jedi in season 2?

After Order 66, they got slaughtered and there aren’t many left. Most hide, like Kenobi or Ahsoka Tano. We haven’t seen any in Andor again, and for a simple reason: they are not destined to be there according to Tony Gilroy in Colliderwho explain that these little people from distant planets “don’t think much of the nobles” of Coruscant. “I mean: how many are there in this gigantic galaxy? I think the vast majority of creatures and sentient beings and things that are in this galaxy don’t even really know about the existence of Jedi and lightsabers. They are a relatively small number to rub shoulders with them in reality…

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