Andressa Suita reflects on motherhood with her two children

Mother of Gabriel and Samuel, the wife of Gusttavo Lima, Andressa Suita vented on social media about motherhood. In her view, the subject leaves many women feeling guilty for not dedicating themselves fully to their children.

In addition, the artist admitted that the theme needs a balance, as there are many changes in this process that can become complicated and stressful for some people.

Many of us blame ourselves (and are sometimes judged by society) for wanting to keep our professional careers after our children are born. They are a priority, for sure, but I believe that a fulfilled mother is much more able to efficiently exercise her role as a mother”, the artist began.

Continuing the outburst, she pointed out that she always demonstrates to the heirs that in addition to them, she has other jobs and commitments to her personal life that do not directly involve them.

“I always try to show my children that my work is important and makes me very happy and they see my accomplishment and are thrilled with it. Whenever possible, I try to include them in the busy routine of my career and show them that in addition to being a mother, I am a woman and a professional, and this experience will teach them in the future to respect women in a real way. I want to leave here my message for mothers: seek your fulfillment, whether it’s being a full-time mother or seeking a balance between your children and what makes your heart beat “, vented.

Good person

In a world where not everyone is good, Andressa Suita has just made a point of reflecting on it. With an open heart, she said on Instagram that she never discredited the existence of these people, and said that every person should be kind to the partner next door.

“People with a good heart still exist. These crazy people who put love in everything they do. That you play with will. Who speaks of love with his eyes. That has gestures of love in every act. Still exist. I know there is. These people go around making friends and proving that being loyal is worth it. That being kind is worth it and that it’s no use living without feeling. These people walk around and exist in droves, forgiving for not being able to carry sorrows in their hearts. Scarred, but with her head held high by dignity and kindness. Good hearted people. I am very proud to know people like that”, he argued.

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