Angela Alvarez, at 95, wins the 2022 Latin Grammys for Best New Artist

The talented Cuban singer-songwriter Ángela Álvarez makes history at the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

She has won the prestigious Best New Artist award and is already the oldest artist to do so, at the age of 95.

«I feel very happy to have received this award. I dedicate it to everyone who was part of this dream,” she said.

He thanked “my grandson Carlos for making it possible, friends like Andy García who were supporting me second by second.”

He also gave “Thank God that he made it possible. I dedicate it to my daughter Marucha, who I am sure, from heaven, she is enjoying it as much as I am », she assured.

Alvarez, who grew up in the Cuba de Castro, she was driven to become a singer-songwriter from the time she was a child.

Through a series of unimaginable trials and tribulations that life threw at her, including the untimely death of her husband and daughter, she never gave up on her musical dreams.

Angela didn’t let the glowing flame that always ignited her spirit go out.

Angela Alvarez before the press at the 2022 Latin Grammys (External Source)

«I want to dedicate this award to God and to my beloved homeland, Cuba, which I will never be able to forget. Also to those who have not realized their dream; Although life is difficult, there is always a way out and with faith and love they can achieve it. I promise you that it is never too late », she said when she received the gramophone.

How did Angela Álvarez start recording so late?

Being an older person, she started a family, had three children, and had to leave Cuba and emigrate to the United States, where she dedicated herself to caring for children and even sang in a church choir.

Her grandson, film composer Carlos José Álvarez, was so moved by his grandmother’s exceptional talent and extraordinary life story that he assembled a team of world-class Grammy Award-winning musicians to help her record her songs.

The veteran singer published her album in 2021, ‘Angela Alvarez’, which contains 15 songs that were produced by her grandson.

The album has been very successful and has reached a large audience, who have shared details of his life, as well as captivated the jury of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

His songs are remarkably deep.

Her groundbreaking Latin Grammy win follows other important recent milestones in her career. It includes the release of a stunning documentary on her life titled “Miss Angela”. The documentary is by filmmakers Paul Toogood and Lloyd Stanton.

Legendary actor Andy Garcia narrates the documentary.

Angela appears in the 2022 HBO movie “Father of the Bride,” where she played the role of Tia Pili opposite Andy Garcia.

Angela’s life and music have inspired countless people to overcome even the most extreme adversity and achieve their own goals.

Angela is a shining example of resilience, living proof that any dream can come true, no matter how big or impossible it may seem.

“What I could say about this experience is inexplicable, because what I feel is something so wonderful and beautiful that I have no words to express it,” said the artist in the event’s press room. “I am very proud of what has happened to me in life.”

“I am not going to say yes or no; only time and God are the ones that will help to make that decision”, he affirmed about the possibility of recording a second album. “But I love the idea, because, as I have always said, music is the language of the soul. You hear beautiful music when you’re sad, and immediately you feel happy.”

Regarding a secret to sing, he expressed: “I don’t have a certain answer about that, because I think that the one who keeps my voice is God,” he proclaimed. “At birth, one already knows what he likes, and he knew that I would like music. I have never received singing lessons; I sing what I feel”.

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