Anitta gets angry with Sonia Abrão and scolds in an outburst

After winning the category Best Singer, from the Press Trophy, Anitta got angry on social media. This happened after the funk singer read a comment from an internet user who asked her about the criticism she received from journalist and presenter Sonia Abrão.

Anitta took the opportunity to open her heart. She stated that it is not today that she suffers persecution from journalists with her work and career achievements. In addition, she detonated the titleholder of A Tarde é Sua and said that she does it for ibope.

“It is incredible how Sonia and her disciples hate Anitta for the simple fact that she is authentic [risos]. This bunch of vultures comparing Anitta with Carmen Miranda out of the blue, just to try to diminish the girl from Rio. Stop it’s so ugly,” said a Twitter user.

“She doesn’t hate me. She does this to gain an audience… To speak ill of those who are grooving like my gigika [GKay] that I didn’t even have to give this lady so much spotlight. If you read this book here, half of what she said about Carmen is already down,” said the star.

Indignant, the singer still recalled the death of Carmen Miranda. She recalled that after the artist died, some journalistic vehicles changed her posture and praised her.

“Even at the time of Carmen, there was a (more than one) journalist of the fifth category who kept talking bad about her just to win the stage. On the day of her death, although it was one of the biggest and most suffered funerals in the country (almost the same as that of Getúlio), the newspapers decided not to report it this way, claiming that she was the ‘shame of the country’. Too sad,” she told her.

Finally, Anita stabbed Sonia Abram again. She said that the communicator only does this to gain audience and engagement on social media.

“Finally, I’m sure that if this lady were alive and doing what she does today (which I don’t call work because in my opinion, as she has hers on everything, I think it’s a disservice) she would be one of the journalists to gain an audience with the herd repeating all the nonsense that others said about her. So just let her earn her money there and may God be with you,” she declared.

surprise trip

In recent months, Anitta appeared in Thailand and told on social media that she decided to travel to the place because of her birthday, totally last minute and unexpectedly.

“Where I am now is my birthday. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love being spontaneous in life. Have you ever been to the airport and decided to go to the first place your luck tells you to go like in the movies? Well I just did that and ended up on the other side of the world just to celebrate my day and the amazing times I’ve been having lately,” she stated.

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