Anitta revolts with serious case, vents and asks for justice

The singer anita returned to using its visibility to position itself politically. This past Monday (13), the famous shared a protest against the disappearance of the journalist Dom Phillips and the indigenist Bruno Araújo Pereira.

In her publication, the Brazilian pop diva took the opportunity to remember how much the territory of the Amazon is constantly the stage for barbaric crimes against activists who make themselves available to fight against the repression of indigenous peoples.

Anitta also recalled the brutal death of the missionary Dorothy Stang, which happened more than 15 years ago. “This is what happens to those who try to fight the devastation of the Amazon rainforest up close. and the annihilation of indigenous peoples”, he began.

“The government knows everything that goes on there, but will never do anything because they don’t want to harm agribusiness and the exploitation of wood and gold. Money is always more praised than the environment”, continued the singer, who was recently criticized by countryman Zé Neto.

“Fuck all you idiots who think you can live without nature, water or oxygen. If these criminals can walk around with guns killing them like there’s no law, activists and everyone who wants to denounce all the shit that’s going on there should also have their guns and kill all these devastating illegal people without consequences also. I’m so sick of this bullshit. JUSTICE”, he concluded.

Anitta’s father had a health problem

In the last week Anitta went through moments of tension at home, after her father unexpectedly suffered a stroke. After days of worry, she took to her social media to reveal that he was fine.

The singer also said that in addition to her father recovering from a stroke, he also underwent surgery to remove cancer and had a great result.

“Miracles happen. Prayers work, your prayers, your energies. My father is 100% cured. A miracle. Remember I asked for a miracle in Stories? It messed with my family, it broke up with me, it tears me apart,” she said.

“Early last week, my dad had a stroke, went to the hospital in the middle of the night. I woke up in the morning to the news. I didn’t understand anything, because everything was fine with him, he takes care of his health, he’s always doing all the exams. He had a stroke out of nowhere. I called Dr. Ludhmila Hajjar, my queen of the world, save, save, save the doctors of Brazil, she started to examine him, he was still very sick from the stroke, talking very crookedly”, recalled Anitta.

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