Anna Wintour: She only makes this exception for Kim Kardashian

Vogue-Boss Anna Wintour was carried away to a gesture that was quite unusual for her when she recently opened Kim Kardashian met. The reality star managed to persuade the photo-shy fashion icon to take a selfie together, which is like a small sensation.

Kim Kardashian: Rare selfie with Anna Wintour

Proudly, Kardashian has uploaded two new photos to her Instagram account, in which she poses for two selfies with Wintour. What’s so special about it? the Vogue-Editor is known for adhering to a strict no-selfies rule, which she only breaks in the most exceptional cases.

In 2014, Wintour revealed that she had never taken a selfie and that she “had no plans to start.” Kardashian has now managed to persuade the 72-year-old to pose together, in which Anna Wintour not only flashed a rare smile, but also flirtatiously held a peace sign at the camera like never before.

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