Annecy 2022 – The Minions 2, a little too Gru to be honest [critique]

This sequel opened the Annecy Animation Film Festival.

Seven years after the release of the first film devoted to the small yellow creatures with the big eyes, Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru yesterday opened the Annecy festival, in preview (the feature film will not be in theaters until July 6). This time, direction the 70s, period during which a very young Gru tries to make his place within the largest group of super villains, the Vicious 6. A series of adventures (and a story of an amulet that gives powers ) later, Gru and the Minions will become the target of the bad guys, and they will have no choice but to turn to Wild Knuckles, former leader of the Vicious 6 who was betrayed by his people…

Sort of “Gru origins”, Minions 2 takes the form of a delirious semi-road trip, where the character voiced by Steve Carell holds as much space as the Minions themselves. The little servants will struggle between their natural bullshit and their imperative need to please their leader, and we will thus see Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto roughly learning kung fu in an attempt to free their “mini boss”, stuck in San Francisco. at the time of flower power. A little light to make a film, especially since all the 70’s decorum disappears as quickly as it arrived. There remains a series of more or less successful gags and more or less already seen through the four previous feature films of the franchise (wouldn’t we have definitely done the trick?).

Everything is however rather well visually packaged, and co-director Kyle Balda (here accompanied by Brad Ableson and Jonathan Del Val) is the opposite of mercantile cynicism, still sincerely amused by this wacky universe despite the passing years. Except that by dint of wanting to satisfy any type of spectator, Minions 2 ends up saying nothing more than his inability to renew himself and think outside the box. A golden prison from which we would like Gru and his family to be able to get out one day.

Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru, July 6 at the cinema. Trailer :

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