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Two years ago, Letitia Wrightactress of Black Panther, caused great controversy when he shared a link to a YouTube video questioning whether everyone should get vaccinated against COVID-19. The video featured a self-proclaimed “prophet” which, at times throughout the video, also spread transphobic and homophobic messages.

Now, one of the star’s companions was asked Wakanda Forever about the incident. which occurred in December 2020 and that resulted in him deleting his account.

The actress’s controversial anti-vaccine tweet

During an interview with The Guardian, the Marvel star had this to say about posting the video. “I feel that It’s something I experienced two years ago and have moved on in a healthy way. Y in a healthy way I have apologized and deleted my Twitter. I apologize for any harm I have caused anyone.”

Letitia Wright was asked if the video misrepresented his values, to which he replied the following. “That is exactly what my apology was. she was saying that This is not me, and I apologize.”

She was then told that the video could have made Letitia Wright fans they saw her as a “transphobic and homophobic anti-vaccination”. To which she replied, “Those are things I’m not and I apologized and moved on.”

Finally they asked her if she was vaccinated, to which she replied: “I apologized and moved on. Next question. Thank you”.

Black Panther 2 – Wakanda Forever: They reveal whether Letitia Wright is vaccinated or not

However, the story did not end there. Since one of Letitia Wright’s co-stars in Marvel revealed if she is vaccinated or not.

In a Twitter exchange earlier this month, Jameela Jamil of She-Hulk posted about getting a chance to see Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. Which has already been released in theaters.

“Go see Black Panther. It’s unbelievably good. The premiere was great. Letitia Wright he deserves all this crap. It’s an extremely talented cast and crew. The action, sets and costumes are to die for #WakandaForever,” the actress tweeted. including various photos of her and her partner together at the film’s premiere.

Someone then responded to the tweet with the following about Letitia Wright: “But she is anti-vaccination”. Jameela Jamil then responded directly to that person: “She’s literally vaccinated.”


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