Arthur Aguiar's mother reveals trauma of ex-BBB with biological father

Despite Arthur Aguiar having left as the title of great champion of the BBB 2022, the battle to the final was not easy for his family members. In an interview with the Gshow portal, the artist’s mother, Katia Aguiarrevealed that the program was quite exhausting.

“It was very difficult to see everyone talking about Arthur, especially against him. And they were often untrue. People were misinterpreting or following the wave of what happened out here”, she reflected on the controversies faced by her son.

Katia also revealed that her son had a difficult relationship with her biological father, with whom he did not have much contact. “Arthur’s biological father and I separated when he was about to turn 3 and, at a given moment, he decided not to look for his son anymore. I’m not even going to question why he’s already dead,” she said.

“But I started another relationship, which is my ex-husband, Lucas’s father (Arthur’s brother) and he took over Arthur since he was 3 years old. So Arthur does have a father present,” she reveals.

According to Katia, the actor to this day cannot understand the reasons that led to this paternal abandonment, even though he has a good relationship with his former stepfather. “He is not the biological father, but he is the father who raised him, who made a bottle, who put him to sleep. He didn’t have that absence of a father figure. This pain that Arthur feels is because of this abandonment, in quotation marks, from the father, but which is the biological one. He could never understand it, as I could never understand it either,” he said.

No more confusion within the family

In the midst of so much confusion involving her son and daughter-in-law, Maira Cardi, Katia guaranteed that she gets along very well with the influencer and who preferred to remain distant when the betrayal controversies arose.

“I’m very calm, everyone has their own space. Life is theirs. When everything happened, of course I didn’t put a cloth on my son, he did it wrong, but I never got involved, not even in Sophia’s upbringing. I am Sophia’s grandmother. When he said, ‘Mom, I’m going back’ (to Maíra), I said, ‘ok, I’m on your side forever. If it’s going to make you happy, then that’s what matters,'” she recalled, who got even closer to Maira after BBB 22.

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