Artus leaves the Children of TV set after a small error by Laurent Ruquier

Invited to the Children of TV set, Artus was somewhat annoyed by Laurent Ruquier who failed to pronounce the name of his show correctly.

This Sunday, May 8, viewers were able to end their weekend in front of Children of TV. The program broadcast on France 2 and hosted by Laurent Ruquier saw the arrival of Orlando, Dalida’s brother, Véronic Dicaire, Amir, Ness and even Artus. A young man whom the presenter knows very well since he was revealed on the show We only ask to laugh about it. The comedian was present on the set of France 2 to promote his new feature filmentitled I love what you do, which is scheduled for release in cinemas on May 18.

Thus, Artus shares the bill with Gérard Lanvin. The actor also came to present his new show, called Duels in Davidejonatown. But now Laurent Ruquier has a hard time pronouncing the name of this show. “I see that you are still playing this piece that I have never seen, finally. Duels in Davidéjonatown”says Laurent Ruquier, before being taken back on the pronunciation by Artus, angry : “Town! Town! Not once did he put it in me, not once“. Handsome player, the host tries to pronounce the name of the show again. But it’s still not good… “Finish your shitty show, it’s good”then launched Arthus, who began to leave the set.

Artus still sharp

Fortunately, it was a little joke and the comedian returned. It must be said that the actor likes to joke and pass rants, with touches of humor, as in 2019, when he tries to change his look. Artus then attacks Fashion Week and chants: “Think of us! Us, the non-standards, those who can’t fit into skinny jeans and who don’t want to look like a bag by wearing an oversized T-shirt and badly cut pants!”. Since then he has been a partner in a brand that sells clothes for plus size people.


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