Avatar 2 is  "the worst business idea in film history"says the ultimate avatar expert

In a few weeks it will become clear whether James Cameron’s megalomania will rise again. Then Avatar 2: The Way of Water starts as long-awaited sequel to one of the most successful films of all time in the cinemas.

The pressure is enormous, as Cameron himself knows. In a new one GQ interview the director revealed more details about the massive sci-fi production and spoke about the fact that Avatar 2 the worst business idea in film history be.

Check out the latest Avatar 2 trailer here:

Avatar 2: The Way of Water – New Trailer (English)


James Cameron talks about the incredible Avatar 2 risk

Filming on Avatar 2: The Way of Water first began in 2013 and has been dragging on due to the director’s drive for technical perfection. Cameron had new cameras and systems built to complex CGI underwater scenes and motion capture performances to realize, which blew up the costs. The director didn’t even want to reveal the exact budget.

In addition, Cameron had many scenes repeated incredibly often:

One day in Wellington, New Zealand, where Cameron was finishing the film, he showed me a single effects shot numbered 405. ‘That means it 405 versions of it gave before I was satisfied.’

Cameron is also aware of what a financial pressure weighs heavily on his Avatar sequel:

You must be the third or fourth highest grossing film in history. This is your threshold. This is your winning zone.

It remains exciting how the sci-fi sequel will do at the box office. Avatar 2 definitely is the biggest film risk in a long time, although Cameron has always triumphed at the box office. The Way of Water will show whether the director remains the blockbuster king. Avatar 2 will be in German cinemas on December 14th.

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