Avatar 2: the trailer exceeds the figures of the last Star Wars

13 years after the first film, the excitement is still there.

Released exclusively in cinemas for a short week, the first trailer forAvatar: The Way of the Water was finally released. And its launch is a success. In 24 hours, the video has been viewed 146.8 million times, report Disney and 20th Century Fox (via the THR), including 23 million in China alone. What hope for a new success for the sequel to James Cameron’s film?

With this figure, Avatar 2 does less well than Thor: Love and Thunderwhich surpassed 200 million with its first trailer unveiled in April, but still ranks above many of the blockbusters released in recent years, such as Black Widow (116 million views), The Incredibles 2 (113), or the latest Star Wars trilogy (112 for The Rise of Skywalker). Without counting the people who discovered the images at the cinema by going to see Doctor Strange 2the biggest card in theaters at the moment.

13 years after the first film, this success seems to show that there is still anticipation and excitement aroundAvatar, whatever its detractors say, despite the otherwise mixed reception for this trailer, considered not impressive enough by some. But it is too early to conclude whether Avatar: The Way of the Water will or will not be a cardboard in the room.

As a reminder, when it was released in 2009 Avatar had collected 2.8 billion in revenue at the global box office. The theatrical release of the film, scheduled for September in the United States (and France?), will give us another indicator of public interest in its sequel. Or rather its sequels, since three other films will follow, in 2024, 2026 and 2028.

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