baby woody harrelson

There is no doubt that social networks have become a platform for make anything funny popularand within them, it will always be appreciated to see ordinary people who seem to be the clone of some celebrity. And precisely, a baby was born and went viral after it was compared to the actor Woody Harrelson.

What did the actor Woody Harrelson write to the baby who is identical to him?

In the last hours, began to circulate on Twitter the photograph of a baby that is identical to Woody Harrelson. The publication was made by the mother of the newborn, named Dani Grier Mulvenna, where she has so far received almost 500 thousand likes and almost 30 thousand retweets.

In the picture you can see how Cora, name of the newborn babysmile with open mouth and immediately brings to mind a photograph of Woody Harrelson smiling.

And the resemblance is indisputable. because they share eyes, mouth, and even the soul of the popular actor.

In the description of the photograph you can read the following: “Ok, But how is it that our daughter Does he look like Woody Harrelson?

Twitter: @daniellekgrier

In fact, the impact of photography was so great that even the interpreter himself was responsible for sharing the publication on their networks.

Nevertheless, he did it in a very special waysince he was in charge of delivering some tender words to Cora.

On his Instagram account, Woody Harrelson wrote him a poem in which he also made a joke about his lack of hair.

“You are a lovely girl, I’m flattered that they compare us. You have a wonderful smile I just wish I had your hair”, wrote the actor.

Meanwhile, excited, the mother of the bus once again shared a catch on your twitter account, where he wrote the following. “It’s not every day Woody Harrelson write a poem to your daughter.”

baby woody harrelson
Instagram: @woodyharrelson

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