This Friday the new musical production of the urban singer Bad Bunny, entitled “A summer without you”, was released, expected by the thousands of followers of the artist around the world.

The album has 23 songs in which the Puerto Rican navigates through different rhythms such as the Dominican dembow.

Such is the case of the song “Después de la playa”, where the bad rabbit is heard singing into a live microphone about the Dominican band. Dahian the Apechaoechoing the style of Omega “the Strong”.

The theme, which reached more than 1 million 800 views on YouTube in less than 8 hours, is already a trend in the country and social network users predict a possible remix with “El Fuerte”.

“The one after the beach is Omega El Fuerte total HAHAHAHAHA,” commented @izan_galan on Twitter.

“Bad Bunny riding” on a mambo. Please, the remix with Omega”, wrote @trazydiazc on the same social network.

Another of the songs on the new album where the Puerto Rican interpreter includes the Dominican rhythm is “Titi me ask”, a dembow track that changes with a horror movie synthesizer ending, and the participation of another Dominican Kiko “el Crazy”.

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According to Bad Bunny, the album was inspired by an expansive spectrum of Caribbean music: the songs of beloved salsa singer Ismael Rivera, the Dominican dembow, and groups like Buscabulla.

“The album is very Caribbean in every way, with reggaeton, with mambo, with all those rhythms and I like it that way,” said Bad Bunny.

Most of the album was recorded in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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