Monsters from the Netflix film The Ritual

Better hide your childhood in the basement, because cold-blooded horror producers don’t have any good intentions for it. After Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey transformed the cuddly bear Winnie the Pooh into a bloodthirsty creature, it’s now a Disney darling’s turn. In Bambi: The Reckoning the young deer Bambi gets even with the people.

Horror Bambi lurks in the new film for unsuspecting hikers

This is reported by the horror film site Dread Central . Bambi: The Reckoning comes from the Blood and Honey producers. There are no exact story details yet, but the title (in German: “Bambi: The reckoning“) suggests a revenge story for the Disney character, who loses his mother due to a hunter in the Bambi original movie.

Director Scott Jeffrey explained:

It will be an incredibly dark version of the popular story. We have from the [Monster-]Inspired by the design in the Netflix film The Ritual. Bambi becomes the vicious killing machine that lurks in the wilderness. Prepare for Rabies Bambi!

Monsters from the Netflix film The Ritual

When does the horror hit Bambi: The Reckoning start in Germany?

Using The Ritual as a model, the deer design could indeed become traumatic. However, the production of Bambi is not scheduled to start until January 2023, so a start in this country has not yet been determined. We can get a release early 2024 present as VOD or Blu-ray.

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