Banreservas Cultural Center exhibits "Unknown Colson Reunion with the Caribbean"

For two months, the Banreservas Cultural Center will host the exhibition “Unknown Colson. Reunion with the Caribbean”, which brings together a selection of drawings and paintings by the artist Jaime Colson.

The exhibition of paintings and drawings, inaugurated during an act in the Ada Balcácer exhibition hall of the cultural center, are part of the collection of works of the Bellapart Museum and will have an agenda of guided tours, meetings, talks, conferences and projections.

According to Francisco Elías, deputy administrator of Subsidiary Companies of Banreservas, this exhibition represents a cultural milestone of great importance, because “it disseminates a vigorous creative stage of Jaime Colson corresponding to the 1950s, highlighting Afro-Caribbean culture with great beauty and intensity.

“To publicize the author’s pieces, we made this exhibition made up of 18 paintings and 18 drawings, including several works corresponding to his Haitian series, recognized by art critics as one of the highlights of his work,” Elías explained. .

The manager of Culture of Banreservas Mijaíl Peralta, expressed that the purpose of the financial entity is to continue its commitment to support the arts and culture in the country, and added that in 2022 it will be 14 years since the artist’s last solo exhibition. in the Dominican Republic. In addition, he said that it is the first time that these works are exhibited as a unitary and representative set of “Colsonian” production during the 1950s.

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