Bárbara Coelho steals the show with her body on display: “Goddess”

Barbara Coelhoof Spectacular sport, shown on Globo, always gets fans excited on social media, because of her otherworldly beauty and ripped body. Not unlike that, a few weeks ago it made an impact when it appeared on Praia do Patacho, in Alagoas.

With tanned skin, she appeared all calm resting from activities at the Rio de Janeiro station, flaunting the body of a young lady. With a tight, girly piece, many compliments were made in the warm publication of the beauty. 🇧🇷I see God in many things. Nordeste, thank you for the affection in my heart”, she said in the caption of the post.

“A Greek Goddess, perfect in every detail,” said one young man. “The northeast is already beautiful, with you in it then”, praised the second fan. “Wow, Barbara is really awesome”, completed the last one.

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Bárbara Coelho in controversy

This week, in conversation with the newspaper O Globo, Barbara Coelho admitted that she will sue a man who used her photos for intimate accomplishments. According to the blonde, it is necessary to use her voice as a communicator to fight harassment.

“I received videos of a man masturbating to images of me. I decided to report it because I have a voice and I need to use it. I stopped receiving it, but I’m taking legal action. My intention in making something so intimate public is to get women to seek help and report it. We will only have measures against crimes committed against us when we manage to expose the violence that we suffer”, she commented.

And he went on: “As long as all this stays at the door of the house, there will hardly be a policy to protect us. I can protect myself in many ways, I have resources. But the vast majority do not,” he said.


On social networks, Bárbara, who is highly praised as a sports journalist, commented on the beginning of her career at Globo and her encounter in journalism as a commentator and presenter.

“In 2013 I started my “journey” in the Globo group. But the story in Journalism comes from a period when I didn’t believe I would wear this shirt. I don’t know if I’ll get there!” “I don’t know anyone in between”! “I’m not even from Rio. If you moved from Vitória alone, without help from anyone or anything, you can get there!” “If you got the first opportunity, why not get the second? the third? What do I have to lose by believing?” And believing in myself, in my work, I got there”, motivated her.

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