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Barbara Schöneberger is one of Germany’s most successful TV presenters. However, the blonde beauty keeps her private life a secret. Here you can find out how she lives with her husband and children and how she feels about cosmetic surgeries.

Hardly any woman enchants television Germany as much as Barbara Schoeneberger. After she entered show business as an assistant on “Bube, Dame, Hörig” in 1998, she presented numerous programs such as “Blondes Gift” and the “NDR Talk Show”. As part of the RTL program “Exclusiv Spezial” she gave an insight into her for the first time private life.

figure problems? This is how Barbara Schöneberger stands by her weight

Barbara Schöneberger has a figure that any woman would be proud of. Nevertheless, the moderator has slimmed down quite a few pounds in recent months. As she revealed to RTL, the right diet is particularly important to her. She loves to cook and also pays attention to a balanced diet in her private life. On the other hand, she doesn’t think much of surgical procedures: In an interview with Frauke Ludowig, she admitted that little helpers like Botox and Co. weren’t for her – her fear and dislike of them was too great.

Husband and children: Barbara Schöneberger’s private life remains taboo

Although the presenter is otherwise known for her cheeky mouth, she reveals very little about her private life. In an interview, she said that this topic does not belong in the public domain. However, it is known that she has both a daughter and a son and lives with her children and her husband in Berlin.

That’s what Barbara Schöneberger says about sex

The 48-year-old also prefers to take it easy in bed. As she revealed on “Exclusive Special”, she was rather stuffy when it came to sex. She doesn’t need whips or other toys in the bedroom and doesn’t like erotic disguises. Nevertheless, she allowed herself to be persuaded by RTL to do a very special photo shoot: she jumped over her shadow and presented herself for the TV station in a sexy dominatrix outfit.

Barbara Schöneberger: The quick-witted woman with the sharp tongue is so successful

In addition to numerous appearances in film and television, Barbara Schöneberger is considered one of the most successful women in Germany. Since 2015 she has been a permanent member of the editorial board of the magazine “Barbara” from the publishing house Gruner + Jahr, as well as the main core and focus of the radio station “barba radio”, a 24-hour radio program.

In addition to her social commitment to the German bone marrow donor database, she is also committed to the international children’s charity. For her commitment she received, among other things, the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon.

Barbara Schöneberger will moderate “Do you understand fun?” from 2022

Barbara Schöneberger will also moderate “Do you understand fun?” from 2022. The first Saturday night show with the new host can be seen on April 2, 2022 on the first. Together with her, the broadcasting concept is to be further developed. “For me, with this new task on Saturday evening, a childhood dream comes true,” Schöneberger is quoted as saying in the message.

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