After Game of Thrones and Fast & Furious, Jason Momoa now wants his own Lord of the Rings

In the legal battle between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is fighting for his career. He is accused of domestic violence and abusive behavior. According to Depp, however, his former partner is the real perpetrator. So far, this has not only caused online shitstorms and hateful memes, but that too The actress’ career could suffer significant damage in the long term.

And the first signs of this seem to be emerging. After she last played a major role in the DC blockbuster Aquaman as Mera, her appearance in the upcoming sequel namely much shorter stand out. However, the information is not really watertight.

Amber Heard is said to barely appear in Aquaman 2

In the upcoming Aquaman sequel, the actress is said to have not even 10 minutes screen time. At least that’s what the tabloids say TMZ which in turn references a tweet by industry-connected YouTuber Grace Randolph:

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Nevertheless, this info is still far from official confirmation. As a tabloid, TMZ is similarly critical to Randolph, which has spread some scoops in the past that later turned out to be false.

Although Amber Heard is the victim of Johnny Depp’s legal battle, there have also been allegations against her. For example, she is said to have severed a finger from the actor in an argument. Johnny Depp fans in particular have therefore repeatedly attacked Heard. In addition, were petitions opened by the actress removed from Aquaman 2 will target.

Check out the first sneak peek of Aquaman 2 here:

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – DC FanDome Sneak Peak (English) HD


Amber Heard is said to have been an Aquaman 2 shaky candidate in general

However, the court battle with Johnny Depp might not be the only reason why the actress gets a significantly smaller role in the long-awaited DC blockbuster. Journalist, lawyer and Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni reported in one April 2022 newsletter , that Warner should have had general concerns about Heard in Aquaman 2. DC director Walter Hamada reportedly didn’t want to bring the actress back for part 2 because the Chemistry between her and lead actor Jason Momoa did not fit in Aquaman.

It has not yet been finally confirmed that Amber Heard can really be seen in Aquaman 2 for less than 10 minutes. However, the controversy surrounding the Johnny Depp trial and general concerns about her casting of Warner suggest that her Role in the DC sequel really much smaller could fail.

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