Beck's hussar ride through all styles - from singer/songwriter to techno

Now the 51-year-old, born Beck Hansen in Los Angeles, is making good on that promise. For half an hour he’s been sweeping through songs from his 14 albums, covering a wide variety of genres, like a whirlwind.

It started when, after the acoustic set, the band came on stage with funky rock that was reminiscent of Prince. But with “Devil’s Haircut,” Beck was quick to come up with a sound that would fit the nova rock festival perfectly. With “Wow” then with powerful techno basses, which was followed by hip-hop.

The nice thing about this actually extreme zigzag course: the band is well versed and confident in all these styles. And Beck himself not only holds the whole thing together as the central figure of the show: All his songs, regardless of their basis in the different genres, also bear his signature, which is characterized by experimental indie sounds and a clear singing voice.

Even better: It’s not about what these musicians can do – although that alone is admirable – but about the fact that Beck and the band seem to have the most fun with this immense variety.

So it goes on with exactly the same passion: echoes of Frank Zappa to dream pop and psychedelic folk, before Beck swaps his suit for a black leather outfit for the encore and again like a wild rocker over the “E-Pro”. stage twirls.

In the end, with 39 songs, Beck not only kept the promise to play a lot of music, but also offered a lot of really good music.

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