Behind closed doors, Abinader meets with the President of the United Nations Assembly

Privately and behind closed doors, President Luis Abinader holds a meeting this Friday in his office with Abdullah Shahid, President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Although a call was made to the press for various activities in which Shahid will participate today, the meetings will be held without access to the press.

After the meeting with the head of state in his office, he will chair a panel on Sustainable Tourism and Solid Economic Recovery in the Las Caryatids room of the National Palace.

Then, the ruler will lead a luncheon and decoration of the President of the United Nations General Assembly and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Maldives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry).

The doors of the Palace are closed to the press upon the arrival of a personality

Upon the arrival of the representative of the United Nations General Assembly, the doors of the Government House were closed by the security body, which prevented the reporters covering the source from correctly capturing the moment.

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