Bella Campos, the Muda de Pantanal, exudes beauty on a sunny day

The actress Bella Camposfrom the soap opera Pantanal, left his followers with their mouths open this last Thursday (12), after appearing lavishing your natural beauty in a leisure time with fellow cast members.

In the post, the interpreter of the character Muda wore a stylish nude piece while enjoying the sunny day on the edge of the pool.

“Day 1 in the pantanar”, she wrote, showing details of the fraternization with Julia Dalavia, who plays Guta and Leandro Lima, who plays Levi.

In the comments of the publication, which received more than 17 thousand likes, the fans of the artist did not skimp on the praise. “The woman is a cat, saw it”, reacted a follower impressed by Bella’s look.

Muda don’t hurt Tiberio’s heart please“, joked another viewer of the soap opera, who has been rooting for a romance between the characters. “Beauty and talent together”, praised another. “I’m not dumb but you left me speechless“said another.

Bella defended Muda’s character

Actress Bella Campos has been stealing the show with her interpretation of the character Muda, from the soap opera Pantanal. In a recent interview granted to the RD1 portal, the artist opened her heart and told how it has been to live the new experience in her life.

The global confessed that she tried to stay a while without speaking to get into the character’s shoes. “I experienced not speaking for a while. It is difficult to go out on the street, pass people, neighbors, family members and not talk or talk as little as possible. It’s weird, it’s just that I’m not used to it. So I believe that this experience, this exercise, was one of the most important in this whole character-building process,” she said.

Bella also revealed other details regarding her preparation to play Muda, who was one of the most beloved characters in the first version.

I made prosody to rescue the accent and I looked for exercises that would help me speak without using words, which seemed more challenging to me. In addition, we prepared with Andrea Cavalcanti and participated in some workshops before the recordings”, she stated.

With a story full of mystery, Muda arrives in the Pantanal ready to take revenge on Juma, after being the victim of a family tragedy. However, Bella assures her that her character cannot be seen as a villain.

“No. Rute/Muda had her life ended because of her father’s murder. Her mother not only suffered her whole life with the pain of loss, but also passed this pain on to Muda, who in addition to having watched her father die, grew up without him and soon lost her mother. For her, it’s not about revenge, it’s about justice. As soon as she arrives in the Pantanal and Maria Marruá dies, she sympathizes with the pain of Juma, to whom she is already attached. Muda is far from a villain,” she argued.

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