Santo Domingo.- Teacher Editrudis Beltrán said this afternoon that he and his campaign team would accept any result in the face of the elections held this Wednesday at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo UASD.

Beltrán, who aspires to direct the destinies of the academy from the rectory, the highest ranking position of that institution for the four-year period 2022-2026, and competes with Jorge David Asjana, who also aspires to the same position.

In this sense, the candidate of the Triunfo Universitario movement, the platform on which Beltrán’s candidacy is based, said that the results that the elections could produce will be received as good and valid without any problems by him and his team. campaign.

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“We are going to accept the final results of this electoral contest for which we have competed until today, under the tranquility, peace, and harmony that characterizes us as an academic,” Beltrán assured.

He stressed that, in past electoral contests, he accepted the results, as was the case when competing with the current rector, Emma Polanco, who obtained the majority of the votes in his favor, and that, upon receiving the news of the results, he made a call, to congratulate her on the triumph obtained in that process.

“The same, we will do, in this process, if we do not manage to pass as rector of this Alma Master, we have not changed our essence, because we know that a contest, whatever it is, one will lose, or win,” he stressed.

“Now, I only hope that, in the first bulletin, after 9:00 pm, if our candidacy is the one that is favored with the majority of the votes, positioning ourselves as the winner of this contest, we hope that the same will happen with our opponent”, stressed Editrudis Beltrán.

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So far, the elections are taking place calmly, but with notable proselytizing activity around the polling stations.

Since the early hours of this Wednesday morning, long lines and a delay of almost two hours were recorded, the lecture schools were opened at the headquarters of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

The voting had been scheduled to start at 8:00 am, however, some setbacks led the process to start after 9:00, causing some discomfort of dissent among the voters.

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