Unemployment Insurance

The social outbreak 2019 and Covid-19 They have left great consequences at the national level. Especially in the workplace, where thousands of people were left without work. Despite the creation of 29 thousand new jobs Employment levels prior to the pandemic have not yet been recovered.

The problem is that in recent years increased the number of people of working age in the country. would be missing then 480,000 jobs to be created, That is why the government provides a series of benefits for those who still cannot find a job.

What are the benefits and how to apply?

unemployment insurance

It is an insurance that protects workers dependents governed by the Labor Code. The dependent workers with an indefinite, fixed-term, or work or service contract who have signed their contract since October 2, 2002, are entitled to Unemployment Insurance. Since October 2020, private household workers are also part of this benefit.

The insurance is in charge of the Administrator of Pension Funds (AFC). This benefit must be requested on the AFC website and to obtain it, the following requirements must be met:

  • To be unemployed and comply with any of the grounds for termination of the employment relationship contemplated in the Labor Code.
  • Have a minimum of contributions paid (at least 12 months if you had an indefinite contract or at least 6 months if you had a fixed-term contract or for work, work or service).
  • The contributions are counted from the affiliation or from the last payment of the Insurance until the month of termination of the employment relationship. Contributions can be continuous or discontinuous and from one or more employers.

In case of being laid off, The money accumulated in this account is withdrawn through monthly transfers according to the percentage of remuneration. It should be noted that those who access the insurance maintain their health benefits through Fonasa.

Agency One

Censorship Subsidy

Aimed at those workers who are not entitled to Unemployment Insurance. The benefit allows those who are unemployed receive monthly financial assistance, for a maximum period of 360 days, which entitles them to free medical care, receive the Family and/or Maternal Allowance, and the Death Allowance.

This benefit must be requested before the pension institution that corresponds to the subsidized worker (IPS or compensation fund)which will also be responsible for your payment.

Solidarity Unemployment Fund

This benefit can be received by AFC affiliates what they do not have sufficient resources in their individual unemployment accountwhen you lose your job. Also those who have exhausted their Unemployment Insurance funds.

To receive payments, people must be unemployed youHave insufficient resources in your individual unemployment account, have 12 contributions paid to the FCS in the 24 months prior to dismissal and their last three contributions must be continuous and from the same employer.

The employment contract must have ended by expiration of the agreed term. Also due to the conclusion of the work or service that gave rise to the contract, fortuitous event, force majeure, establishment or service.

Affiliates must activate an account in the National Employment Exchange.

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