Bianca Andrade chooses a provocative look for an event in NYC

Bianca Andrade left her fans drooling on social media. She used her official Instagram account to share a series of photos in which she appears at an event in New York. For the occasion, she chose a dress with a cutoutshowing your curves.

In the caption of the publication, the famous, who is also called Pink mouth, left only the essay credits. More than 80,000 people liked the clicks, which, of course, earned the famous a lot of praise. “Beautiful!” wrote one fan. “Goddess, perfect, wonderful, work of art”, praised another.

See Bianca Andrade’s photos on social media:

Reflected on the web

Last weekend, Bianca Andrade celebrated her first Mother’s Day and reflected on motherhood on the web. “There’s a movie in my head. I remember the feeling I had when I found out that from then on, I would be a MOTHER. And how to be the ideal mother these days? ÇHow to be the mother of a baby and own your own business, without failing in any of them?”, she asked.

“I got lost and found myself so many times. There were days when I wanted to look in the mirror. Was it my son, or I. Soon I, who was always so strong, felt fragile for the first time in my life and at the same time, looking at that little thing so small and so mine, gave me a strength that I had never felt before”, continued the influencer.


In another excerpt, Boca Rosa spoke about the guilt that affects mothers at times. “It’s like they say, a mother is born, many guilts are born, but a woman phenomenon is also born.. How I admire mothers more each day after becoming one. And that’s why this text is not just about my son and me, it’s about somehow being able to motivate other mothers not to blame themselves so much and never give up on finding each other again “, said the famous.

Up there I asked what an ideal mother would be like, right? I’m learning that she doesn’t exist. Each one knows their pain and the delight of taking on this responsibility that is to be someone’s mother. This experience is yours alone and you have the right to allow yourself to be the mother you can be. I may not know your story, but I sure admire what a mother you are!” she vented.

Finally, she left a message. “But the truth is, I want to wish you a happy LIFE, mom.. Allow yourself, dream, love, dance, laugh, get lost, find yourself, but don’t give up your moments of happiness. If there is a being that deserves to be happy, that being is a MOTHER”, concluded Bianca.

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