Bianca Andrade kisses a lot and lets out indirect: “I never belonged to anyone”

Really enjoying her single status, the influencer Bianca Andrade has returned to cause on social networks. Last weekend, the famous celebrated the Valentine’s Day in a different way.

Taking advantage of the special date, the former BBB 20 participant shared a devastating photoshoot to celebrate. In the images, she appears being deified by men and women, in addition to appearing kissing all kinds of people.

“I knew I belonged to the public and the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I never belonged to anything or anyone,” she wrote on Instagram.

After the post generated the biggest buzz, the carioca used her Twitter to complement with a new outburst about her single moment. “That’s me? who wants to accept, great, who doesn’t, doesn’t know what they’re missing“, he reinforced.

Among the comments, several famous fans and friends made it clear that they are loving the new phase of Boca Rosa. “The chemistry of millions with absolutely everyone“, wrote one fan. “This is Bianca,” said singer Pocah.

Bianca collapsed after web leak

Bianca Andrade caused the biggest controversy among netizens after leaking on social networks a post of her daily planning to “bomb the web”. On that occasion, the famous sent an indirect and said that many who are criticizingbut actually replicate the same in their professional life.

“Because I’ve seen people being sarcastic about my planning and they do it much better than I do. The way you position yourself, the way you speak, the subjects you talk about. It’s much more strategic than I am,” said the influencer.

“People don’t have the courage to speak up, I do. This is my business, I never hid it. This plan was inspired by what I was already doing. I wanted to talk about it, show how it works because it’s something that a lot of people do to help those on the other side too”, she declared.

The influencer added that her plan was not something secret, as many were imagining. “I don’t script my life to be perfect. Because I’m not. IT IS because I have difficulty in following, and when I have difficulty in something I studyI dedicate myself and plan to give my best”, he concluded.

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