Biography of a woman who revolved around Schiele, Werfel, Altenberg

The biographer worked as a tracker for 15 years. Schübler’s “Making of” at the end of “Bibiana Amon” over many empty kilometers has the address of a Paris law firm as good advice for colleagues:

You can contact her, but only in 2041. She manages the legacy, which becomes public 75 years after death and may contain diaries, letters, manuscripts.

Did the tedious research between the parish of St. Josef in Linz and the Rue des Pyramides in Paris and Paris pay off?

Maria “Bibiana” Amon (1892 – 1966) was an It girl of her time. Mainly in Café Herrenhof and Café Central she met writers who found her naivety quite charming.

She went to Venice with Peter Altenberg and annoyed him so much that he began to hate the city. She was drawn by Schiele as a pregnant woman in her studio on Alserbachstrasse. Werfel was inspired by her for the novel “Barbara oder The Piety”, for Anton Kuh she was “the radiant one”.

In any case, this woman was a loud explosion, which, of course, cannot be repeated in the book.

Walter Schuebler:
“Bibiana Amon – A Search for Traces”
edition studio.
184 pages.
24 euros

KURIER rating: *** and half a star

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