Black Panther 2 reviews celebrate MCU sequel, but there are also negative voices: "Would have worked better as a Disney+ series"

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever production crashed not only because of the Death of lead actor Chadwick Boseman into a crisis. The shoot was also followed by stories about Shuri star Letitia Wright making headlines for anti-vaccination statements.

Before the launch, headlines surrounding the actress had calmed down and Wright had already apologized. A current one Hollywood Reporter report commemorates the controversy and associates the actress with names like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. The Marvel star has now published one angry statement.

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Black Panther star blasts press behavior

Hollywood Reporter journalist Scott Feinberg’s article breaks down recent and older controversies surrounding stars and directors whose Award chances damaged due to controversy became.

In addition to Letitia Wright, the article also reminds me of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, who repeated with me allegations of sexual abuse were confronted or pleaded guilty.

The comparison goes too far for the Black Panther star. Wright posted loudly The Direct two angry instagram stories against the Hollywood Reporter’s behavior, which she sees as a personal vendetta against herself:

That personal agenda with your friends at the Hollywood Reporter is disgusting. I was silent when the world told me to kill myself two years ago for a video I posted and for which I apologized. I kept my head down and focused on my craft. And now I’m on the other side. Here you are, a so-called journalist we’re supposed to trust, putting my name in this nasty article, for what?

You lack substance, you clearly have nothing to report. The film is beautiful, impactful and a box office success. I busted my ass with my cast and team to dedicate it to my brother. How dare you. Did my performance shock you that much? It was so excellent, huh? I’m still here, still making a difference, still creating projects that touch people’s hearts, and it’s not going to stop. Really get a life.

It is not known whether Letitia Wright’s statements will lead to new Marvel discussions. So far, there has been no statement from the Hollywood Reporter regarding their statements. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continues to be a hit at the box office. The MCU blockbuster has already grossed over $540 million worldwide.

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