Black, the most daring Christmas tone

For many, a Christmas decoration with black is unimaginable, but there are those who bet on it

There are people who break the mold in fashion and decoration. Not bad, because that is also innovating and capturing our tastes. What if I tell you that this year you can replace red with a color you would never imagine? And if we reveal to you that this year, Christmas is also in black and white? Would you believe it?

The theme of elegance arrives this year with all-new colors for the Christmas home: grey, black, brown and gold. This theme is really unique for a glamorous, luxurious and sparkling Christmas.

The black, a protagonist

Year after year, new trends arrive to decorate Christmas with fashionable colors that completely break the scheme that we were used to seeing and today the color black is positioned as one of the most daring Christmas trends of the moment.

The psychology of color says that black means power, strength and authority as well as elegance and sophistication, which is why many people dare to decorate with it.

Black adapts to multiple styles

These black Christmas decoration ideas can be perfectly adapted to different styles of interior decoration. From a modern, urban and contemporary interiors.

Little trees in black and white

The Christmas trees decorated in black and white are perfect to give them a touch of your personality. Feel free to add ornaments of different sizes and textures. All this will add points to the decoration of your tree, traditional elements such as the star should not be missing either. You can also put a birth at the foot of your pine, if you do it in black much better. Another complement that is perfect for the area of ​​your pine, are the gifts, which you can also wrap in dark colors. It will look very elegant!


Consider the proposals and ideas for Christmas decoration in black for centerpieces. There are options of different types and styles, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and elegant. Personally, I prefer the simplest options so it gives me more opportunity to add more striking elements to the rest of the space. Do not forget to complement with candles, foliage, bases, etc.

A touch to the stairs

Regardless of the color your staircase is, you can add touches of black to give it the style you are looking for. You can place garlands, lights and ribbons in black. The satin slats will make the space look very elegant.

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