Blade's New Director

Marvel Studios has finally announced the new Blade director, who will join the project along with a new screenwriter.

Its about Yann Demange, who is famous for his work on the Lovecraft Country series. The screenwriter that comes along with it is Michael Starrburywho was recently nominated for an Emmy for Condemning Eyes🇧🇷

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The project, which had already been reimagined since the departure of the director Bassam Tariqwill be rewritten from scratch once again, this time from a new perspective.

According to The Hollywood Reportrthe details about the new vision for the film have been kept secret, however, the sources of the site guarantee that, with the new director, it is intended that Blade becomes a dark, gritty and daring film that has a tone similar to the character’s films from the 2000s.

The plan is to start production of Blade in Atlanta in 2023, keeping the release date of September 6, 2024.

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Problems in the making of the film surfaced when the marvel studios confirmed the resignation of the director Bassam Tariq on the eve of filming.

According to Jeff Sneiderjournalist of The Anklerthe search for a replacement is already underway, but there are problems with the current version of the script.

Sneider said 90 pages were finished, featuring only two action sequences “lackluster“something that reportedly has Mahershala Ali frustrated with the process.

The start of principal photography has already been postponed at least twice, and sources close to the project point out that several rewrites have taken place in recent months.

Mahershala Ali (True Detective), Delroy Lindo (Blood Detachment) and Aaron Pierre (Time) are confirmed in the cast.

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