Blonde: Marilyn Monroe's biopic with Ana de Armas will be prohibited for minors

Andrew Dominik’s film will be NC-17, or prohibited for those under 17, on Netflix.

Andrew Dominick warned that by adapting Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, Blonde hairfor Netflix, he would film a portrait of Marilyn Monroe for adults: “It’s a film that will require investment from the public. If the spectators don’t like it, that’s their problem! It’s not made for everyone. It’s an adult film dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, so that’s what you’d expect, right? An NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story.”

Worn by Ana de Armas (At daggers drawn, death can wait…), Blonde hair will contain multiple sex scenesincluding shocking images: the book relates in particular a rape which deeply marked the actress who died in 1962. What cool the producers, explains The Hollywood Reporter : after having seen a first assembly particularly “graphic”the executives of the streaming service would have insisted on the director that he hire the editor of tenetJennifer Lame, in order to “limit the excesses of the film”.

The new edit was eventually stamped NC-17, a first for a film produced by the studio. If works not recommended for minors, such as The Life of Adele, may have had this type of ban on the platform, Netflix had never produced a feature film specifically intended for adults. On the series side, on the other hand, it is already the case with in particular The Sandmanthe adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comics, which will be online soon.
Andrew Dominik commented: “It’s easy to support something you like, but it’s harder to do it when you don’t like something. I have nothing but gratitude for Netflix.”

Blonde hair will also be worn by Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale and Julianne Nicholson. We do not yet know its release date.

Ana de Armas: “A Cuban who plays Marilyn. I wanted to do it so badly”

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