bones and all

The new movie of Luca Guadagnino promises a story of love and horror. And it seems that the emphasis is on horror, because “Bones and All” used all resources to make this realistic cannibal story. You want to know how they did it? we tell you here.

What is “Bones and All” about?

“Bones and All” tells the story of Maren, a young woman who must learn to function on the margins of society after leaving his mother. While Maren take the journey to reunite with his father and understand why he is living that situation, he meets Lee.

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The pair begins an adventure that, along with exploring the love story that the characters live Taylor Russell Y Timothée Chalamet, and the horror of their situation. And it is precisely here where doubt assails. what was what did you use to achieve that gory touch on “Bones and All”?

How did you film the cannibal scenes?

In interview with Variety, Fernanda Perez, the makeup artist, and collaborator of Luca Guadagnino on the set of “Bones and All” revealed the mix they used to film the scenes of cannibalism that mark the film.

“He always brought bottles with a little blood in his mouth,” said the makeup artist.

But, despite the seriousness of the film and its plot, the situation was funnier than the professional expected. “It was ridiculous because I was always following the actors around with this baby bottle. But for the Mrs. Harmon scene and for the end of the movie, we used a mixture of syrups and brownies. [para sangre falsa]”.

According to Variety, the professional estimates that he used well over 10 liters of fake blood during production. If you want to know what did the cast eat along with these liters of fake blood, we tell you here

not everything was sweet

Fernanda Perez, the makeup artist in charge of making the mixess that the public will see, he confessed that these inventions they had an unexpected effect. When drying, the fake blood, made of sweet, edible materials, it formed a crust on the skin of the actors.

For counter this effect, Perez had to follow the actors again, this time with a hot water bottle.

“In the end, the performance I think was more the suffering for all this blood that they had stuck to their body”joked Perez.

Now that you know all this, You can go to the cinema from December 1 with the certainty that no humans were harmed during the production of this film.

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