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george michael is one of the most iconic singers of the 1980s, and more than 5 years after his death, he is still in the news, since it was revealed why rejected Prince William in full Christmas.

The guilt George Michael felt for rejecting Prince William

Author James Gavin, in the biographical book George Michael: A Lifeit is addressed that the singer always felt very bad for the how he treated Princess Diana’s son.

It turns out that in 1990, the so-called Lady Di invited the artist to a intimate party at Buckingham Palace. It was then that the older of his two sons approached George Michael and asked him to play a song with Elton John.

“The prince, who was then 8 years old, approached him (and asked) ‘Can you sing a song and Uncle Elton plays the piano?‘” reveals the writer.

However, the singer I only knew Princess Diana and Elton John at the party, he refused.

“(William’s) little Christmas smile was gone,” George Michael later recalled. “I can’t believe I said no to the future King of England, but I was really embarrassed sing in front of strangers.

The artist even said that the rejection was “unbearable” Y “something very horrible to have done to him” to the young prince.

Notably, George Michael and Princess Diana had a quirky friendship.

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During his trial against Sony Music in 1994, “he received a unmatched comfort in the form of calls and occasional meals with the Princess of Wales. She and Michael were close in age and had become famous about at the same time“reveals James Gavin in the book. “Michael called her ‘my darling’ and even gave her a gold watch”.

Nevertheless, he kept Lady Di at a distance and rarely called her. This because “I didn’t want it to look like I was bothering one of the most persecuted women alive“Even George Michael, who was homosexual, also believed that the Princess was in love with him.

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