Bradley Cooper will be Steven Spielberg's Frank Bullitt

After Maestro, the filmmaker trusts the actor again, who will therefore succeed Steve McQueen in the costume of the famous policeman.

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. confirmed that once The Fabelmans loop, Steven Spielberg would work on a film dedicated to Franck Bullittthe cop character played by Steve McQueen in Peter Yates’ cult film (1968). Thing promised, thing due: barely his autobiographical film released in “limited release” in the United States, the filmmaker is indeed tackling this new project: Deadline announces that he has just offered the main role to bradley cooper.

Three things to know about… Bullitt

Decidedly, the two artists get along wonderfully: it was already to him that he had entrusted Maestro’s managementhis biopic of composer Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story), which he had been preparing for several years and which is currently in post-production. The source recalls that this project dedicated to Franck Bullitt will not strictly speaking be a remake of Bullitt, famous for its spectacular chases, and that its concept has already been validated by the descendants of its original interpreter: Chad McQueen, Steve’s son, and Molly McQueen, his granddaughter, are both executive producers of this project, alongside Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper, moreover (the latter teamed up again with his partner Kristie Macosko. Josh Singer (Spotlight, First Man…), was chosen to write it.

The article finally specifies that Spielberg submitted this project to Cooper during the pandemic: “They talked about this character and what this story could look like today. (…) They had been looking for a project for several years, since the legendary director had almost directed Cooper in American Sniper (Spielberg eventually gave way to Clint Eastwood). With Maestrowhich Spielberg has been developing for years and which he was originally supposed to direct himself, but which he offered to Cooper after being amazed by his staging ofA Star is Bornhe felt he would be able to not only play the lead role, but also tell this love story himself.” The result is obviously successful enough for the two men to want to collaborate again.

Here is the trailer for The Fabelmanswhich will be released in France on February 22:

Bullitt is to (re)see on Première Max

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