Broadfoot versus Weaver: "MA2412" returns to ORF in 2023

TV cult in new splendor: 20 years after the last take was taken, the two legendary civil servants Weber and Breitfuss are no longer in the service of the no less legendary “MA 2412” – but even in early retirement, far away from everyday office life, things are still going well. The comeback of the cult duo Roland Düringer and Alfred Dorfer expects that ORF1audience in the coming year. Filming is currently in progress: Two 45-minute specials have been filmed since Saturday.

Sicherheitz is directing again

In it, Weber and Breitfuss are on the trail of the strange machinations of a rehabilitation center and prove their skills as extras in the film. Harald Sicherheititz takes his place again in the director’s chair. Dorfer and Düringer are again responsible for the screenplays. Filming is expected to last until early June. “Weber und Breitfuss” (AT) is expected to be on display in 2023 ORF 1.

High-ranking staff

The cast is consistently high quality: Monica Weinzettl, Andrea Händler, Eva Billisich, David Jakob, Julia Edtmeier, Roland Penzinger, Johannes Silberschneider, Angelika Strahser, Martin Brambach and Anton Noori are there. And the lateral thinkers can look forward to the demo speaker Nina Proll in addition to Düringer.

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