Bruce Lee, dead after drinking too much water?

A new study reveals that the star would have in fact suffered from kidney problems preventing him from properly evacuating all the water he ingested.

Next summer will mark 50 years since the death of Bruce Lee. The star of green hornet and of The Dragon’s fury, was found dead on July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong, and at the time it was officially announced that he had succumbed to cerebral edema. New research, carried out in Spain and published by the Clinical Kidney Journal today reveals that he may have actually suffered from kidney problems. It would thus have multiplied the risks leading to a “hyponatremia”details this study relayed by variety. This means that his blood sodium level was abnormally low, and this is believed to be partly due to the actor’s regular use of alcohol and marijuana, who died at just 32, coupled with multiple injuries, which left him prompted them to take anxiolytics and painkillers. All these products combined accentuate the fluidity of the blood and make you thirsty, which would explain his premature death.

“We assume that Bruce Lee died of a particular form of kidney dysfunction, the study reads: the inability to evacuate enough water to maintain proper regulation in the body. This can lead to hyponatremia, cerebral edema, and even death, a few hours after drinking too much water, if this excess water is not properly transformed into urine. quite common – it is mentioned in 40% of hospitalization cases and can occasionally cause death, even in young and healthy people -, this concept should be made known to as many people as possible: drinking water excessively can kill.”

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