Bruna Biancardi posts photo at sea and gets comment from Neymar

in love with summer, Bruna Biancardi revealed that he is already missing the heat and everything that involves the hottest days of the year. The model’s statement took place last Tuesday (10), when she posted a photo in which she appears all full enjoying the sunny day at sea.

“The cold hasn’t even arrived and I’m already missing the heat. Who also prefers summer, sea, pool, caipirinha?!”questioned Neymar’s girlfriend in the caption of the publication.

In the image, Bruna Biancardi posed all smiling, wearing a black bathing suit that further highlighted her defined curves and toned body. To complete the look, she wore stylish sunglasses. In addition to the attractive look, she stole the show with her little marks and a tattoo on her waist.

At the Instagram, his publication attracted looks and already has more than 151 thousand likes. In addition, she was surrounded by hundreds of compliments and loving messages, including a comment from her boyfriend, Neymar. On the occasion, the player from Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team left an emoji with a passionate face.

Bruna Biancardi posts a photo at sea and gets a comment from Neymar (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Bruna Biancardi and her beauty tips

In April, Bruna Biancardi gave an interview to journalist Carla Neves, from Quem magazine, and commented on some care he usually takes with his body. At the time, she also revealed some beauty secrets.

“I made it a habit to take care of my skin daily as part of my routine. Every morning and night I cleanse the skin and use the products. In addition to washing my face with specific liquid soap, I really like to use thermal water and facial serum. As I have oily skin, I feel that doing this makes it drier”he explained.

In addition to these precautions, Neymar’s girlfriend seeks to lead a healthier life: “Exercising is already part of my routine and I also do it to take care of my mind, release endorphins, I feel better that way. Regarding food, I am very passionate about sweets, but I always try to keep the balance”highlighted.

While taking time for daily self-care, Bruna admitted that it was not always like this. “To be honest, I started using sunscreen daily since last year. It’s that old story, you know you should use it, but you keep putting it off, one hour the bill comes. From last year to now, I have been more careful with my skin”, added the influencer.

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