C to you: big discomfort on the set, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine forgets a guest columnist!

On the C à Vous set this Thursday, May 5, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine created great discomfort after having forgotten a columnist several times.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has been on the bill for several years now. C to you. IF she first started out as columnist, it was at the start of the 2017 school year that she succeeded Anne-Sophie Lapix and therefore took the reins of the show. Over the years, she has had many giggles, slips and moments of unease. The latest? This Thursday, May 5. During the second part of her show, she received the actresses Sabrina Ouazani, Bérengère Krief and the farmer David Caumette, for the film Farm madness directed by Jean-Pierre Améris. All have chained the confidences until the moment when Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine remembered the presence of Aymeric Lompret, who stood by his side. “On the other hand, I’m anything but perfect since a while ago there’s been a silent man at this table… who isn’t in the film, doesn’t play on stage.“, she launched before bursting out laughing. “I don’t know what I’m doing here“, he retorted, very amused too.

On the set of C à Vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s gaffe caused unease but also general laughter. “He came to eat“, launches Sabrina Ouazani. What Aymeric Lompret answers, amused: “Well I don’t like“. For her part, the facilitator tries to continue the discussion. “What is the reason for your presence?“, she asks her guest before adding: “If I had been raised well, I would have introduced you“. Thus, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine indicates that it is “Aymeric who is here tonight because he will present the news“Afterwards, Mohamed Bouhafsi’s story started and he addressed the guests.”And Aymeric“said the host who did not want to forget her guest columnist again. A few minutes later, when the sequence ended and that of Aymeric Lompret was about to be launched, he declared: “Yes, I’ve been here since the beginning“. Something to make the set laugh.

Aymeric Lompret: why was he present on the set of C à Vous?

The presence of Aymeric Lompret was only explained during the second part of the show. Indeed, after having forgotten her guest columnist on several occasions, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine finally indicated: “He presents the news in place of Bertrand Chameroy, to pay tribute to him because he is taking a vacation“. An unforgettable moment for columnists and viewers since, repeatedly put aside, Aymeric Lompret made them laugh a lot with his remarks.


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