Cabaret artist Viktor Gernot is annoyed by an imposter

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that scammers on social media want to enrich themselves with fake profiles. Now also became a cabaret artist Victor Gernot “Sacrifice” because someone drives under the name “Viktor Gernot chat” his mischief on Facebook.

“If someone writes to you who calls themselves – Viktor Gernot chat – then that’s an impostor. Again someone who pretends to be someone else, namely me in this case. Please report it to Facebook too. I don’t care only amazed with bewilderment. I repeat: “Oida, look for your own life there!”, the real Gernot warns his fans via Facebook.

By the way, now a new one is also busy atv-Format “Put in” from Wednesday, May 18th at 9:20 p.m with such impostors. The first episode is about love scamming (false profiles impersonate desirable singles).

Expertly analyzed by a business crime analyst, profiler and author Patricia Staniek.

“The main group of criminals is organized crime. There are certain mafia-like organizations that do this romance scamming. The people who are on the phones, who are scamming from the call centers, or who are on the laptops are the ones who are just doing a little bit Get money so they can survive. Nigeria, for example, is a strong center for romance scamming. People do it quite simply so that they can survive, that they might get out of poverty. It’s the organization behind it who really rips off,” he said Staniek about the first episode.

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