Camilla de Lucas has fun after being spotted at the street vendor in Rio

the influencer Camilla de Lucas went viral on social media after being caught in a leisurely moment with her friend, the also ex-BBB Joao Luiz. The famous was doing outdoor shopping on a street vendor in Rio de Janeiro.

On social networks, several photos of Camila’s passage through the popular region of Rio were published on the web, generating a wave of memes. However, despite the bust, the BBB 21 runner-up did not care much.

On her Twitter profile, Camilla shared the records and had fun with the fan discovery. The former host of The Masked Singer wrote: “The bloggers shopping at Prada and me going on the street vendor with João (laughs)“.

The exhibition also generated several comments congratulating the carioca for its sincerity, which in recent years has won many advertising contracts.

“Camilla de Lucas I love the way you deal with your fame because one hour at the vogue ball and another at the street vendor this is what I call versatility”, liked a fan.

“I love street vendors, if I won the mega I would spend the whole day buying clothes in street stores”, said another follower who identified herself.

Life change and home ownership

It is worth mentioning that Camilla de Lucas recently revealed that she fulfilled a great life dream when she bought her first property. The influencer exposed in an interview for the magazine Quem como has it been to experience the new moment, where Has done a major renovation on your home.

“This pandemic was about reflecting on my purposes. Obviously I have a lot of work, but I want to fulfill personal wishes, so it was the purchase of the house and now I will focus on the wedding,” she began.

“The feeling of having their own home built with their own work is a relief for me, I think most Brazilians dream of having their own home. I’ve always been organized with my finances and I say that my house is my insurance. If something happens, I have my house, my roof”.

And Camilla’s happiness is not just in the conquest of her own home, the famous now too managed to secure the retirement of his mother, Maria Lúcia. The artist said that the matriarch has been a little restless to be without commitments throughout the day.

“She is at home and resting, but she says she wants to move. What happens is that when you take responsibility for telling a person that they’re not going to work anymore, you have to make sure they don’t go back to work,” he said.

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