Campsite 2: Fabien Onteniente/Franck Dubosc therefore put the cover back (in plastic)

Patrick Chirac returns to TF1.

Frank Dubosc is back in the shoes of Patrick Chirac for Campsite 2from 9:15 p.m. on the first channel: as for the presidential elections with the rebroadcast of the Visitorsthe channel shortens the evening of the legislative elections by programming a popular French comedy. Direct continuation of Camping first of the name, always directed by Fabien Ontenientethe project does not seem to seek originality: we take almost the same ones (Gérard Lanvin less and Richard Anconina more) and we start again. Mathilde Seigner, Claude Brewer, Antoine Dulery and Mylene Demongeot are back. Jean Pierre (Richard Anconina), in the midst of a divorce, takes her children to the campsite, and discovers its codes and rules. Fortunately, Patrick Chirac, now in search of true love, will take Jean-Pierre under his wing. During this time, couples tear each other apart, and the very existence of the campsite is threatened…

Camping: the best accoutrements of Patrick Chirac

When it was released in 2010, First laughed less at this sequel than at the original, but that didn’t stop him from being a hit! The duo also shot a number 3 (much better) and think about an additional opus…Here is our review: “Hard-fitting production (false fittings, hideous digital inlays), lazy script (the film is an unsurprising copy of the first), unmotivated actors…. With its 5 million spectators, Fabien Onteniente/Franck Dubosc therefore put back the cutlery (plastic). Problem, the producers are not trodden and the only real change is Richard Anconina who replaces Gérard Lanvin in the identical role of the camping beginner. One could have hoped that the duo would benefit from this sequel to change atmosphere, setting, plot and gain in quality (one can always dream). Lost effort: Camping 2 is so chasing after the success of the first that it does not claim to change anything. With its title in the form of a admission of helplessness, Camping 2 does not bother with anything, and especially not the respect of its public.

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