Candoca Mar do Sertão

Actress Isadora Cruz lives the dream of any artist and will be the girl in the next unpublished plot on TV Globo, which will air from August 22nd. Interpreter of Candoca Mar do Sertão, the artist will star in the 6 pm track, which marks her debut as the protagonist of a serial. Until today, the Paraíba star acted in only one soap opera and now she will mark the small screens as she is the romantic partner of the veteran Sérgio Guizé.

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Who is Isadora Cruz, protagonist of the next 6 o’clock soap opera

Candoca Mar do Sertão is from João Pessoa, capital of Paraíba, and is 24 years old. When she was still a child, the famous moved with her family to Miami, in the United States. It was there that she had her first contact with the artistic life and began to study ballet. In 2002, she returned to her home state and went on to study other types of dance, such as jazz.

When she reached her teens at age 16, she moved abroad again. This time, she went to live in Paris, the capital of France, and went on to study cinema, which started her acting career. Until being selected for the next 6 o’clock soap, Isadora was living in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Isadora’s first work on Globo’s screens took place in 2016, when the Paraíba star acted in the soap opera Haja Coração. After that, the actress divided herself between national and international projects. She acted in the short films Looking for Jude, Record and Thanks For Sharing in 2018. In 2020, she was in the Dutch film Men at Work – Miami. and in the following year, she acted in the North American The Mad Hatter (in Brazil O Chapeleiro do Mal). Now in 2022, she plays Candoca Mar do Sertão.

According to Globo’s official website, Isadora is also passionate about photography and, in addition to her life as an actress, the famous woman thinks of pursuing a career in photography in the future. Isadora also works with social projects, she is a volunteer at the NGO Milagre Sertão, dedicated to helping needy families in Paraíba since 2013.

Remembre – Who was Cris in Haja Coração, Isadora’s first novel

Still unknown to the general public, Isadora’s appearance on Globo’s screens had not been large until then. Now Candoca Mar do Sertão, Isadora Cruz played Cris in the soap opera Haja Coração, her debut on the network’s screens, in 2016. The girl was the daughter of Vitória (Betty Gofman) and sister of Felipe (Marcos Pitombo). The character was a sweet young woman who acted softly.

On Instagram, for now, the artist has 110,000 followers. The number should increase when the feuilleton debuts at 18:00. What will happen from the 22nd of August, to replace Beyond the Illusion.

Isadora Cruz
The actress who makes candoca mar do sertão is from Paraíba and has lived in Miami and France – photo: reproduction/instagram/@isadoracruz/globo

Who is Candoca Mar do Sertão?

In the novel by Mário Teixeira, Candoca is the daughter of Dodôca (Cyria Coentro) and fiancee of Zé Paulino (Sérgio Guizé). The girl was raised only by her seamstress mother, who is a widow. Falling in love with Zé, she is anxious to marry her boyfriend and say the long-awaited “yes” at the altar, but a misfortune happens and changes the young couple’s plans.

On the eve of Candoca and Zé Paulino’s wedding, the boy receives an urgent job that must be carried out outside the city where they live, the fictional Canta Pedra. Along the way, Zé Paulino suffers a serious accident. He is presumed dead and Candoca loses his great love.

However, 10 years pass and unexpectedly who returns to the city of Canta Pedra is none other than Zé Paulino, who seeks justice. Years have passed, but the feelings between the couple still exist. However, it will not be easy to resume the relationship.

Watch the trailer for the telenovela that will replace Além da Illusion in the 18:00 slot:

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