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Check out the summary of the week from the 21st to the 26th of November of the telenovela Face and Couragefrom TV Globo. Pat open the game for moa about dating and he gets upset because he doesn’t remember anything. Regina try to convince Leonardo to vote for Danilo🇧🇷 Danilo revolts after Leonardo declare your vote in Clarice for the presidency of the SG. Pat and moa they separate and she returns the bags that were at her house.

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Fernanda open the game and reveal to moa what Danilo was to blame for his accident. Clarice returns to the presidency of the SG. Rebeca open the game and reveal to Pat what moa slept in his house in the company of Chiquinho🇧🇷 moa talk with Pat and says that his memory is coming back. Italo delivers to Clarice a ring with a tracker.



Check out the summary from the 21st to the 26th of November:

Chapter 151

Regina worries about the possibility of Clarice denouncing Leonardo. Duarte asks Lou for help. Pat talks to Moa about his relationship with Andrea. Duarte tells Jessica that he will reveal himself during the party. Lou announces to the guests that Bob Wright wants to make an announcement. Everyone is shocked by Duarte’s revelation. Andréa is furious with Pat for not telling her about Bob and decides not to help Moa anymore. Gustavo is saddened by Rico for hiding what he found out about Bob. Jessica, Olivia and Lou stay after the party at the mansion to support Duarte. Andrea suffers because of Bob. Hugo runs away from a reporter on the street. Pat laments Moa’s lack of memory. Duarte asks Gustavo for forgiveness. Rebeca thinks about Moa and Danilo before giving her statement. Danilo tells Duarte that he took care not to be associated with Bob Wright. Leonardo informs Clarice that he will resign as president of the SG.

Chapter 152

Clarice reacts to Leonardo’s decision and worries about her brother’s other possible crimes. Duarte faces Danilo. Rebeca lies in her statement. Luana tells Clarice that she fears for her safety. Adelia tells Moa that he is dating Pat. Anita comments to Dalva that she has distanced herself from Ítalo. Marcinha sets up Enzo and Hugo to meet. Dagmar tries to run away from home. Regina discovers that Leonardo will resign as president of the SG. Danilo presents himself as a shareholder and runs for president in opposition to Clarice. Moa reminisces about moments with Pat and questions her about their relationship before her accident. The dispute between Danilo and Clarice draws, and Leonardo is nominated to decide the vote.

Chapter 153

Leonardo simulates a feeling of discomfort and dodges the decision imposed on him. Pat confirms the relationship to Moa, who is distressed by not being able to remember anything. Rebeca asks to talk to Danilo. Regina tries to convince Leonardo to vote for Danilo. Leonardo ends up voting for Clarice to be the new president of SG, and Danilo doesn’t react well to the choice. Fernanda worries about Rebeca. Ítalo tells Rico that he didn’t denounce Duarte because he’s looking for some evidence linking Bob Wright to Danilo. Andréa criticizes Hugo for insisting on keeping Enzo out of her life. Clarice hires Ítalo’s security firm. Anita decides to look for Ítalo. Rico asks Lou to try to settle down with Joca. Rebeca asks Danilo to stay away from her. Pat gives Moa the suitcases with his clothes that were at her house. Anita sees Clarice at Ítalo’s house.

Chapter 154

Clarice tries to explain herself to Anita. Pat and Moa break up. Danilo suffers from Rebeca’s departure. Regina criticizes Leonardo for giving up the presidency of the SG. Andréa talks to Clarice about Bob Wright. Anita confesses to Dalva and Jessica that she is suffering because of Ítalo. Ítalo tells Jarbas that he is confused by his feelings towards Clarice and Anita. Fernanda tells Moa that Danilo was to blame for her accident. Moa discovers that Célia works as a maid in the presidency of the SG. Teca is irritated to see Gustavo suffering because of Bob. Clarice resumes the presidency of the SG. Anita confronts Clarice because of Ítalo. Dagmar hears Leonardo say that he is proud that he no longer bears the blame for his sister’s death. Pat and Lou support each other. Teca tells Duarte that he reported him to the police. Danilo asks Regina to join him. Moa remembers Pat dancing with Lou in the dance company. Rebeca reveals to Pat that Moa slept at her house with Chiquinho.

Chapter 155

Pat gets mad at Rebeca and sends her out of the house. Regina asks Danilo why he is obsessed with the SG. Danilo asks Regina to be his spy at the steelworks. Lou has a serious conversation with Joca. Moa tells Pat that she is remembering their time together. Renan is back with Jessica. Lou praises Pat as a dancer. Olivia questions Enzo about Hugo’s presence at the show. Andréa encourages Hugo to watch Enzo’s show at the Vertical Dance Company. Danilo convinces Regina to join him. Dona Lia worries about Leonardo’s condition. Regina faces Clarice at SG. Journalist Soraia Reis discovers that Enzo will debut a show at the dance company and decides to cover the event. Renan makes demands on Jessica, who accepts without noticing her boyfriend’s abuse. Alfredo invites Olivia to live with him. Soraia approaches Hugo with an inconvenient question, which leaves the actor embarrassed. Regina is furious when she arrives home and finds a party set up by Leonardo.

Chapter 156

Regina interrupts Leonardo’s party and threatens him. Andréa faces Soraia to defend Hugo. Moa admires Pat in his vertical dance performance. Hugo decides to leave at the time of Enzo’s presentation, because of Soraia. Andréa finds Duarte, who tries to apologize. Andréa tells Hugo that Enzo was disappointed with his attitude during the show. Ítalo gives Clarice a ring with a tracker. Danilo leafs through the SG book in which there is a photo of his family, and Regina becomes suspicious. Olivia excitedly tells Lou that she is going to live with Alfredo. Armandinho tells Rico that Moa is falling in love with Pat again. Danilo demands that Celia help him win Rebeca back. Ítalo tells Pat, Moa and Rico that he is going to take Clarice to see the intelligence room. Danilo sees Rebeca dressed as Fernanda and is surprised. Clarice is impacted by the organizational chart she sees in the intelligence room at

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