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Carlinhos Maia used social media to defend Lucas Guimaraes, her ex-husband, this Thursday (17). A great controversy was formed on the internet after, during the PocCast podcast, the presenter asked Arthur Aguiar if Jade Picon there was a “boner” in him within the BBB 22.

Quickly on Twitter, fans of the protagonist of Travessia (Globo) raised the tag Jade Deserves Respect, in which they detonated Lucas’ speech. On Instagram, an internet user criticized the boy and wrote:



“It was too unnecessary. He doesn’t speak well, he doesn’t express himself well and he’s there, doing live for I don’t know how many thousand people. Beast is the one who studies to do this. Nowadays, it’s just a matter of getting a famous godfather and a viral dance”wrote the hater.

Upon seeing the comment, Carlinhos Maia took the pain and decided to respond, coming out in defense of her ex-husband, with whom she recently ended a union that lasted 13 years.

“He was wrong. But I’m stunned as it’s always gays who destroy. It is not enough just to criticize. You have to humiliate! Sorry dear, if he has an audience. Yes, there are those who study and seek more and more to learn so as not to go through this…”, evaluated the entrepreneur.

Next, Maia asked the person who made the criticism to be sincere🇧🇷 “But don’t be hypocritical, if you came out of nowhere, poor, northeastern and day, and were called to present a national pod. wouldn’t you? for sis”wrote the influencer.

At the time, Lucas asked the BBB22 winner the following question: “While he was on the BBB, people questioned his relationship with Jade Picon a lot. Whether it was a game or a horny relationship. Many questioned whether she had this pursuit with you because deep down she had a crush on you, and that there was something between the two of you beyond the game or if it was a turn-on. How horny was it?🇧🇷

The actor and ex-husband of Mayra Cardi was embarrassed and did not know how to respond. Camila Loures, who also hosts the podcast, tried to help, but it was too late.

Lucas Guimarães apologizes to fans of Arthur Aguiar and Jade Picon

With all the comments and criticism he received on the internet, Lucas Guimarães appeared in stories to apologize to the public, but especially to Arthur Aguiar and Jade Picon after what he said on Youtube, live.

Visibly shaken by what happened, the influencer appeared in stories to explain what happened and give his version of the whole story. To begin with, Carlinhos Maia’s ex-husband assumed that he was wrong in choosing words and did not know how to express himself with the justification of what is new in this area of ​​podcast and regretted the slip.

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