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New Delhi.- The Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura was awarded the Satyajit Ray Award for Lifetime Achievement by the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), a country with which the director maintains a special relationship, his daughter reminded EFE on Monday , Anna Saura.

“It’s exciting, it’s always very nice to receive awards outside your country, especially in a country like India that is so important and with which it has had so much relationship,” explained the filmmaker’s daughter from the western state of Goa, where she celebrate the festival.

“It was very emotional because he sent a video apologizing for not being able to be there,” said Anna Saura, who accepted the award last Sunday on behalf of her father.

The fifty-third edition of the IFFI also reviews, until November 24, the trajectory of the filmmaker (Huesca, 1932) with the screening of eight of his most outstanding works, including the most recent, “Las paredes hablan”.

In addition, “The hunt” (1966), “Peppermint frappé” (1967), “Ana and the wolves” (1973), “Cría Cuervos” (1976), “Carmen” (1983), “The seventh day” (2004 ) and “Iberia” (2005) will form part of the recap of his work at the contest, described by the organizers as “the biggest festival in Asia”.

Carlos Saura receives an award for his film career in India-2

The international film billboard is full of Hispanic and Latino titles released in 2022, such as “I have electric dreams”, by the Franco-Costa Rican director and writer Valentina Maurel; “Red Shoes”, by the Mexican Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser, and “Siete Perros”, by the Argentine Rodrigo Guerrero.

Saura traveled to India for the first time in the 1970s and returned to the country on multiple occasions, as part of a search for the roots of flamenco that led him to follow in the footsteps of the gypsy people to his ancestral land, in the north of the indian subcontinent.

The filmmaker has already received other awards in the Asian country, such as the “Global Lifetime Award” in 2008.

Last week in New Delhi, Anna Saura inaugurated, through the Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi and the Casa de la India in Spain, an exhibition focused on the show “Flamenco-India” that the filmmaker made in 2015, putting the dancers and musicians from Spain and India.

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