Carmo Dalla Vecchia and João Emanuel Carneiro (Photo: Edson Aipim/AgNews)

Carmo Dalla Vecchia and the husband, João Emanuel Carneiro, took the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day, celebrated last Sunday (12), in a romantic walk at Shopping Village Mall, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Together for 17 years, the couple are usually discreet in their personal lives and make rare public appearances.

In the clicks made by a paparazzo who was there, it is possible to see the actor and the author of A Favorita, walking together and exchanging a few glances while enjoying the moment together. the couple’s son, Pedro3 years old, was not with them during the tour.

Currently, Carmo Dalla Vecchia is on the air in the rerun of ‘A Favorita’, where he plays Zé Bob, and also in the unpublished ‘Cara e Coragem’, where the character Alfredo lives. João Emanuel Carneiro, on the other hand, will soon debut with another telenovela, ‘Todas Flores’, which will be shown exclusively on GloboPlay, in the second half of 2022.

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declaration of love

Last year, Carmo Dalla Vecchia surprised viewers by declaring to her husband, João Emanuel Carneiro, during participation in the ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’. At the time, this was the first time that the actor has spoken openly about his sexuality and acceptance.

“I would like to pay a great tribute to my family. And declare my love to my son Pedro and my husband João. I would love to declare my love for you both. I think this positioning is very important so that other people can also see this and feel the same. I’m an extremely happy guy. Extremely accomplished. With a profession I love. With friends. With a family that accepts me exactly the way I am.”he said.

After that, the famous gave an interview to Gshow, where he talked about his statement and pointed out that he had wanted to comment on this for a long timebut it was still going through a maturing process.

“I gave a speech that I think was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. But it took a period of maturation of mine. I thought the time was right.”he said. “What I might have tried to do on stage was talk about a reality that I get in a way, showing a guy like me, a guy who is super happy, a guy who has a profession, a guy who is extremely privileged in life. Speaking of a characteristic of his that I don’t even know if it’s that important. But I think that at this moment it is important for people to question their ideas”, he said.

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