Carol Peixinho and Thiaguinho appear in an atmosphere of romance

Thiaguinho and Carol Peixinho enjoyed a delicious romantic trip through Campos do Jordão, in the interior of São Paulo. On social media, the singer shared a series of photos in which he appears next to his beloved and celebrated the rest after a lot of work.

In the caption of the publication, which was made on Instagram, he celebrated. “The Best Kind of Rest is the DESERVED”, wrote the sambista, who received more than 140 thousand likes quickly. In the comments box, fans and friends reacted with many messages to the couple.

Peixinho, by the way, was also present there and reacted to the post. “Very delicious these days of calming down in the glue”, wrote the ex-BBB.

See the singer’s post on social media:

Singer reveals episodes of racism

Still talking about Thiaguinho, it is worth remembering that the singer recently decided to open the game and talked about episodes of racism he has already suffered. Despite his fame and talent for music, he confessed to Quem magazine that he continues to suffer from people’s prejudice.

I’m black just like any other black and I’m not exempt from suffering prejudice for being famous. I’ve been through racism several times in my life, especially the silent one, which is the look. Less on social media. Only we feel, only we know”, said the ex-Exaltasamba.

He claims, however, that being famous gives him more opportunity to talk about the topic. “There are people who go through this and have nowhere to talk. The last few years have been pretty cool in this sense of knowledge, of transmitting information… I have great friends who talk a lot about it and teach me a lot about how to fight it.. Social media is great tools for us to do that,” she continued.

talked about career

At another time, Thiaguinho spoke about his career. After being away from the stage for a while due to the new coronavirus pandemic, he resumed his concert schedule and is celebrating 20 years of work with music with the Infinito tour.

I think one of the great secrets of living in this music environment is that you put music first and love what you do.. A lot of things are going to happen, a lot of difficulties are going to happen, a lot of ‘no’s are going to come up and they’re going to keep happening – no matter how successful you are,” she concluded.

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