Like his sister, David Kebekus works as a comedian.

Carolin Kebekus is probably the funniest and quickest-witted woman on the German comedy scene. She offends with her coarse sayings and has gotten herself into some trouble. That doesn’t stop her from continuing.

At the age of 19 she was encouraged by Hugo Egon Balder to take acting lessons: For Caroline Kebekus it went steeply up early. The comedian has since been known for her bawdy sayings. Small woman with a big mouth – that’s a bit of the core of the brand. Anyone who knows her stage shows “Pussyterror”, “Alphapussy” and “Pussynation” knows that the comedian doesn’t mince words. She loves to address taboo subjects and is not ashamed to speak openly about topics such as masturbation. She is successful with that. Until then, she had to work hard for her career.

Carolin Kebekus: This is how she became Germany’s most quick-witted comedian

Carolin Kebekus, born in the Heidi Klum town of Bergisch Gladbach and raised in the east of Cologne, supported the whole family even as a child. “I gave piano concerts with rows of chairs set up, although I couldn’t play a sound, invented a circus program with my friends and performed ballet for hours,” she told the German Press Agency. At school, on the other hand, she was rather shy. “It wasn’t until puberty that I became a little louder and more of a typical clown.”

Then we went almost immediately to the comic subject. Wikipedia says that she did an internship at the RTL comedy show “Friday Night News” when she was 19 and was immediately asked by Hugo Egon Balder (“Tutti Frutti”) to take acting lessons. Is that really true? “Yes, something like that. We also had a great editor-in-chief who advised me to take up acting. And a lot of very young authors who are all very good in business today. We learned together, so to speak.”

Carolin Kebekus privately: With her style, she offends and occupies the judiciary

She became really well known when West German Radio took a church satire of hers out of the program in 2013 because she licked a crucifix in a nun’s costume in the music video “Dunk den Herr”. At times, even the public prosecutor’s office investigated on the basis of complaints from angry Catholics. She was also attacked by users on social media for her humorous portrayals. So she received a shit storm in a satirical clip about Frauke Petry. Since 2013, Carolin Kebekus has been part of the regular inventory of the “heute-show” on ZDF.

At the latest since 2014, when she moderated the German Comedy Award for the first time, she had reached the top. Her recipe for success: “I was very ambitious and very hardworking. I take my job and my responsibilities seriously and simply want to make good art. But of course luck is always part of it, logically.”

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Carolin Kebekus gets her own show on ARD

Her role models are Gaby Köster, Gerburg Jahnke, Anke Engelke, Annette Freer, Martina Hill… an endless list, says Carolin Kebekus herself. Kebekus has had her own show “The Carolin Kebekus Show” on ARD since 2020. She is also part of the jury in the FameMaker show, which has been broadcast by ProSieben since September 2020.

Carolin Kebekus describes her language as “vulgar”

There she can prove her quick-wittedness again. She herself describes her choice of words as “vulgar”. In an interview with “WAZ” she once said: “I’ve always been kind of vulgar in the language. I enjoyed speaking that way. I never quite know where it is a stylistic device and where I just use it am.”

Anke Engelke recently said that Kebekus was just like her a “Kölsch girl”: “We belong to the city inventory.” In fact, Kebekus cannot imagine ever moving away from her hometown. She knows the temptations of Berlin because many of her friends studied there. “We had incredible weekends there when we visited them. Later I spent a lot of ‘nonsense there comedy Club” played, I think Berlin is a great city. But not for me to live in.” In a way, it is Cologne personified: not necessarily tasteful, but open and authentic – and always a guarantee for a good atmosphere.

Carolin Kebekus criticizes restrictions on women going out on the ARD show

Carolin Kebekus also uses her reach to make social problems visible. In one of the main topics of her ARD show, she criticized restrictions on women going out. “It starts with the fact that we have to think about how we can get there and back safely before the party,” said the comedian during the recording of the “Carolin Kebekus Show” on Thursday evening (June 23, 2022) at 10:50 p.m clock is shown. “We often decide on an outfit that offers as little space for attack as possible.” In the club itself, women made sure to always remain nice when they were rebuffed, so that the situation didn’t escalate. It is also advisable to always keep an eye on your glass so that no one pours knockout drops into it.

A new worrying trend is “needle spiking”, in which party drugs are injected into the body unnoticed. “Women have completely internalized all of these rules of conduct and precautionary measures and are part of our everyday lives,” said Kebekus. “We all know that it is our responsibility to behave in such a way that nothing happens to us.”

Carolin Kebekus is silent about her private life

Not much is known about the relationship status and private life of Carolin Kebekus. She’s keeping a low profile on the subject. On the other hand, the public knows that comedic talent apparently runs in the family. Her brother David Kebekus acts as a comedian himself and works as an author. At first he called himself David Kebe, as his sister Carolin Kebekus said in 2019 when the siblings appeared together on the “NDR Talkshow”. But not to achieve success with his sister’s famous name, but Kebe is his nickname. This is how he managed to establish himself in the comedy scene. His sister is happy about his success: He is “the funniest person you know,” she said on the NDR program.

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