Mar do Sertão, the next six o’clock soap opera, uses the northeastern backlands as a landscape to show the love triangle between Candoca (Isadora Cruz), Zé Paulino (Sérgio Guizé) and Tertulinho (Renato Góes). Vale do Catimbau, in Pernambuco, was one of the locations chosen for the recordings of the plot. The park impresses with its grandeur and beauty, and promises exuberant scenes for the feuilleton.

In which city is Vale do Catimbau located?

The Catimbau Valley covers the municipalities of Buíque, Ibimirim and Tupanatinga in the state of Pernambuco. It is the second largest archaeological park in Brazil, with more than 60 thousand hectares.

The place stands out for its archaeological sites with inscriptions and cave paintings over 6,000 years old, which represent a representation of the prehistory of this region. Caves, prehistoric cemeteries, plates, canyons, caves, trails and geomorphological monuments are also part of the landscape.

The Catimbau National Park was created in December 2002 with the aim of preserving existing natural ecosystems, in addition to being used as a place for specific research, ecological tourism and environmental education activities.

The Valley is very popular with tourists who like to be in contact with nature and go on light to moderate trails. To take the tour, it is necessary to be accompanied by one of the guides previously registered by ICMBio and registered with the Park’s Guides Association.

To get to Vale do Catimbau, it is necessary to take a flight to Recife and choose to go by car or bus to the park. The trip can last up to 5 hours, depending on the route chosen.

In addition to the archaeological park, the cast of Mar do Sertão recorded scenes in the city of Piranhas, in Alagoas. Altogether, more than 60 professionals traveled to the northeast to work on the production of Mário Teixeira’s telenovela. The protagonists Isadora Cruz, Sérgio Guizé, Renato Goes, who play Candoca, Zé Paulino and Tertulinho, were present at the venue, as well as Enrique Diaz, Everaldo Pontes, Pedro Lamin and Lucas Galvino.

Vale do Catimbau, in Pernambuco, where the soap opera Mar do Sertão was recorded – photo: reproduction/globo/ronald santos cruz

When does Mar do Sertão premiere?

Mar do Sertão premieres on August 22, 2022 on Globo. The plot will be the replacement for Beyond the Illusion, which ends on the 19th.

The next six o’clock soap opera begins with Zé Paulino and Candoca getting engaged. On the very day the wedding is scheduled, the boy receives an order from Colonel Tertúlio (José de Abreu) ​​to take a horse to another city.

That’s when Tertulinho (Renato Góes) returns to Canta Pedra, the fictional city where the soap opera takes place, and is enchanted by Candoca while watching the girl take a bath in the river. However, his father asks him to accompany Zé Paulino to work, when heavy rain falls during the journey.

The protagonist’s fiancé is presumed dead, while Tertulinho survives. With the way clear, the colonel’s son begins to conquer Candoca. What they didn’t expect is that Zé Paulino is alive. The boy returns to Canta Pedra ten years later, leaving everyone shocked, especially the girl, who gave herself to another man after the “death” of her lover.

Mar do Sertão will also address issues such as the lack of water in the interior of the northeast and the dispute for power by the region’s colonels.

Caio Blat, José Dumont, Quitéria Kelly, Thadelly Lima, Michel Gomes, Nanego Lira, Wilson Rabelo, Debora Bloch, Mariana Sena, Theresa Fonseca and Suzy Lopes are other actors in the cast.

The feuilleton is authored by Mário Teixeira, who also wrote Passaporte para Liberdade (2021), O Tempo Não Para (2018), Liberdade, Liberdade (2016) and I Love Paraisópolis (2015). The artistic direction is by Allan Fiterman.

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